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Want to ride with a fun, welcoming group of riders? You're in the right spot. We ride the best routes in the Uxbridge and surrounding townships of Newmarket, Aurora, Port Perry, Stouffville and Oshawa.

We're a recreational road club. We created it for folks like us - riders of varying skill levels that want to have fun and stay fit but mostly to eat chicken wings guilt free.

Some of us have just caught the cycling bug and bought our first 'real' road bikes,others can wind-it-up with some pretty fast riders. None of us though, take ourselves toooo seriously. 

About the only things you'll need are a proper helmet, a well-maintained road bike, and a good sense of humour.

On the keeping-up part. Don't sweat that. Our main Sunday ride has a broad range of abilities, but a designated sweeper will always be there to pick you up if you are having a slow day. Have little experience riding in a group? Not an issue. We all started there. Let us know and we'll get you set up. Wanna go fast? We've got the FUCCIT ride for you on Saturdays to compliment your routine with no-drop interval training. Don't forget our active Strava group! Want a little more insight on what to expect, go here.

Sixty bucks gets you insurance, peace of mind, and a bunch of cool folks to ride with for the year. No brainer, right? Join now.

Oh, whether you join or not, get the inside scoop on the great routes around here by signing up for our mailing list below or on the Join UCC page!

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