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Launching the *New* FUCCIT Ride Format !

Jul 18, 2013

Announcing the *NEW* FUCCIT Ride Format

Fast Uxbridge Cycling Club Interval Training
If perchance, you have derived another, possibly more derogatory connotation from this acronym, think of it as what you say in the middle of an interval run, when your legs are screaming in agony and your body wants to give up. :) FUCCIT! Go for it! Your body will reward you and you'll be a far stronger group rider as a result. The 'F' is also conveniently flexible. It can be swapped out with Furious, Frenetic, Fantastic, Frantic, Fiery, Fervent or depending on how you may feel that day, a choice 4-letter word that you save for just those moments. :)

Thank you to everyone who participated in a recent survey seeking your input on a new ride format for this year. Wednesday Worlds enjoyed some success in the past, but it was becoming clear that a combination of the format and the timing wasn't working for our club members. Rather than blindly experimenting with a new approach, we wanted to give the ridership a say in our club's evolution, and to make timely decisions that reflected your changing needs.

We are thrilled to announce that we have enough feedback to confidently incorporate the new no-drop interval training format into our 2013 calendars! Everyone is welcome to join, and we'll always start/finish together. Individuals or groups will push themselves as hard as they can on the segments themselves, but we'll always circle back to collect everyone before moving on to the next sprint.

The preferred timing for this ride was more evenly distributed across the survey results, but the majority of you selected Saturday morning. You have spoken and we are delivering, this Saturday @ 7am! If you want to remind yourself of the FUCCIT ride format details, take a look at our previous blog entry that describes exactly how it will work.
Hope to see everyone out on Saturday!
UCC Exec Team

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