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New FUCCIT Ride Format - Interval Training

Jul 10, 2013

We’re considering replacing our Wednesday Worlds with a fabulous new ride format we think will appeal to riders of different abilities and better complement our popular Sunday rides (and make you faster).

We’d like to get a sense of your level of interest and the time of week that would work for you.
Please read below, click the link and spend 30 seconds sharing what you’d prefer:

*New* Club Ride - FUCCIT (Furious Uxbridge Cycling Club Interval Training)

Interval training is a proven technique to develop your strength and speed (muscular and aerobic), and when mixed in with longer Sunday group rides, will have a profound effect on your overall fitness and cycling ability. This new ride type will feature targeted intervals at high intensity (flat sprints or hill climbs), followed by periods of low intensity riding (relief).

Intensity Training Format

This ride is strictly no-drop and will settle between 30 to 50km in length. The intensities are individual for each rider and are based on the rider’s heart rate zones. The intervals will be emailed before the ride and/or called out on the ride itself (up to 20% of overall ride length). Whether you are racing on your own, or slipstreaming in a group, go hard for as long as you can and leave it all on the pavement. Everyone will collect at the end of the interval section, tell tall tales about their feats and soft pedal towards the next period of structured mayhem. :) All riders, of any ability, will benefit from the interval training and before you know it, the Uxbridge Hills will start to look flatter with each ride!

Maintain an Online Training Log (not required for this ride)

A training log is extremely helpful to set goals and measure your progress towards them. A heartrate monitor and a GPS device are necessary to add that additional tracking aspect to your training. There are also websites like garminconnect.com, strava.com, and mapmyride.com where you can upload your rides for future analysis, or just to deliver some good old fashioned bragging rights to your friends.

Spend 30 seconds: Click here to share your interest and schedule preferences


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