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Popular STRAVA Segments in Uxbridge

Here are some of the seminal Strava segments in Uxbridge and their respective leaderboards for Men and Women. Do you see your name listed there? Add a competitive element to your training schedule, or on a 'sanctioned' UCC segment run. Once on the leaderboard, don't be afraid to ham it up and brag a little - you earned it! Our goal should be to have nothing but club members listed there, or to bring them into the fold. Uxbridge is ours! Well, on Strava anyway. :)

*New* RaceShape Analysis

Click the new RaceShape link under each Strava Segment to get more analysis that will help you create a KOM winning strategy!

Comparison Graphs -- Plot anyone's 'best' ride on a graph to see a meter by meter analysis over the entire segment. Did you fall behind on the flat stretch or on the hilly section? Everything is revealed.
KOM Strava Sniping -- Next to each individual in the results table you'll see a small icon appear. If you have a Garmin, click this to download the Virtual Partner (VP) file. Once loaded on your device, the Virtual Partner page will tell you when the segment started, how long before it ends, and where you compare with the VP you selected. Going for a KOM run? Download the current KOMs data and good luck to you!