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UCC Ride Guidelines

We’re committed your participation is a safe, fun and rewarding experience.

The practices below are designed to help make this happen. We’re counting on you to read, understand and adhere to this.

They are divided up into 6 sections. 
Please read each one and build your awareness around club practices, general riding practices, and how to be a safer group rider. If you want to download the document, please click the link in the sidebar.

  1. Prerequisites required to be a UCC club member (see below)
  2. Group Rides
  3. How we Ride at UCC
  4. Established Riding Practices
  5. Safety - How to Communicate
  6. Safety - Ride Formations

Club Prerequisites

The club relies on all of us, new or old, to gently and respectfully remind others when these practices are not being adhered to.

First some prerequisites:

  1. As per OCA rules all participants MUST be a UCC club member or a declared guest of an OCA/UCI affiliated club. In other words, you need to have insurance through the OCA to ride with us.
  2. You need a road bike in good working order.
  3. Be self-sufficient. Bring a charged cell phone, ID, emergency information and the proper clothing for the day. Do not rely on others for water, food, flat repairs (ask a member to show you how or attend a clinic on roadside maintenance).
  4. You are responsible for knowing and following the route. A route map will be emailed prior to every ride. Download it to your GPS or print it please.
  5. You need to have a certain minimal level of fitness.  Members should be able to ride for 1.5 hrs at 20+km/hr.
  6. You need to have a basic understanding of group riding skills to ride in the A or B groups. If you don’t, we suggest you begin with our Learn to Ride/Casual Saturday ride.
  7. You need to be familiar with and willing to abide by our ride guidelines, be courteous and respectful of other cyclists and road users.
  8. You need to be 18 years or older to ride with us.