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Group Rides

The majority of our rides originate in Uxbridge on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We travel in all directions on routes that vary in distance from 20km to 100km. A few times a year we will have a ‘close-destination ride’ that will begin @30minute drive away. This allows us to explore new territory not within normal reach given time and distance constraints.

Departure times are either 8 or 9am (see below).

Sunday Group Ride

  • Riders divide into groups of A/B/C depending on goals and capability
  • A+B Groups are provided the same route. Distances begin at @60km and increase to 100km.
  • The B-Group is a no-drop ride and a designated ride captain will ride the whole route. As the C group rides are shorter and close to town, no sweeper is provided for that route.
  • C Group distances begin at @20km and increases to 40km
  • Multiple turn-back points are available on all routes

Saturday Furious UCC Interval Training Ride (FUCCIT)

  • No-drop, distance @50km
  • Interval training option to compliment Sunday ride
  • Riders of all abilities welcome
  • Riders collect after each interval and ride slowly to the next hot-spot/interval
  • Monthly time-trial option

Saturday Learn-to-Ride/Casual Ride

  • No-drop, casual group riding (20-50km)
  • Learn to ride/recovery ride/social hang-out ride – you choose
  • For those interested, group riding skills will be taught in the ride itself
  • Additional clinics on maintenance, flat repair etc depending on interest

For all club rides, the routes will be sent via email weekly. Please ensure you have subscribed to the ‘Weekly Ride Info’ with your email at the bottom of this page.