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How we Ride at UCC

  1. Meeting Place: Our groups meet at the public parking lot on Church St, 50m south of the Tin Cup in Uxbridge on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  2. Departure time: This depends on the season. To accommodate changes in light and temperature, our weekend rides depart at 9am in the spring and fall. The weeks between Canada Day and Labour Day weekends, we depart at 8am. We will depart promptlyat the posted time.

    Allow yourself time to get to the start and do what you need to do to be rolling on time. Don’t be ‘that guy’ who shows up at the departing time expecting everyone to wait while we pretend not to curse under our breath as you pump up your tires and get your bottles ready. That’s bad karma and will cost you beer.
  3. Starting the ride:
    Saturday Learn to Ride/Casual Ride – as the name suggests, this is a casual no-drop ride. 
    The practices below pertain mainly to the Sunday Group Ride.

    For added safety in town, each of the A/B/C groups will leave separately with a 2 minute gap between groups.

    The first 3-5km of each ride will be a warm-up. This includes the hills on the routes departing southbound on 7th Concession and eastbound on Brookdale Rd. No early heroes please.

    On those routes, we will recollect at the end of those hills and give riders in their respective groups a chance to collect:
    • Ride to the South or West: S/W corner of 7th Conc/Wagg
    • Ride to the East: N/W corner of Foxfire Chase/Lake Ridge Rd

      When regrouping, it is critical all riders move to the shoulder and not block traffic.
  4. Picking your group: Our experience has shown that to have a group of cyclists who have similar fitness, and goals in mind for that days’ ride, results in a more enjoyable, safer and harmonious ride. As such, we’ll divide into groups A, B, and C.

    Picking your group and being realistic about your capabilities and goals makes the ride smoother for everyone. It’s better to be comfortable in your group than maxed out all the time.

    We encourage you to consider the following criteria when selecting a group to ride with:

A Group:

    • Av speed 30+km/hr
    • At season start: comfortable riding 80+km distance
    • In season: ~200+ km/week
    • Riding 3+ days/week
    • 3,000+km/year

B Group:

    • Av speed 24-28km/hr
    • At season start: comfortable riding 50+km distance
    • In season: ~120+ km/week
    • Riding 2-3x/week

C Group:

      • 19-23 km/hour
      • At season start: comfortable riding 20+km distance
      • In season: ~40+ km/week
      • Riding 1-3x/week